Cleaning your Jamestown Stove

Jamestown Pellet Stoves not only offers a cleaning kit for the inside of the stove but is now pleased to be a distributor for SootEater Rotary Pellet Cleaning System and Rotary Chimney Cleaning System.

These revolutionary tools are being used by individuals and businesses alike.  All you need to do is attach it to your drill and it does the work for you.  Works like a “weed wacker” for soot in your chimney.

One part number fits all size of wood chimney and another fits all pellet. No need for numerous part numbers when 2 will cover everything and do a better job.

Customers are going to love this, or if you have your own cleaning business why not use it yourself.  It works on multiple flue shapes and sizes.

To order, contact a dealer near you or contact our office at 1-800-456-8607

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