Take A Peek Under The Hood

Features and Benefits

  • – 7 different mounting options available to suit all needs.
  • – EVERY unit is tested in our factory, and their microchip control boards timed to factory specs.
  • – Capable of running 30 hours or 72 hours with a hopper extension.
  • – EASY to start self-igniter.
  • – J1000 needs only 1.5 amps per motor, 3.5 amps total to fully function, providing 34,000 B.T.U., which means it is very easy to convert during power outages.


Why pellet stoves?

The ease in which you can provide the comfortable look and feel of a wood stove or fireplace is replaced with Jamestown Pellet Stoves. No more messy wood, these stoves burn cleanly and efficiently.

  • – Our pellet stoves are as high as 88% OVERALL efficiency.
  • – Jamestown pellet stoves are fuel FRIENDLY with 99.8% COMBUSTION efficiency, which means a clean burn.
  • – Jamestown pellet stoves high EPA rating means NO smoke whatsoever.
  • – Pellet stoves burn a NATURAL bi-product from saw mills. No tree cutting is needed.
  • – Power usage on some models equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb.
  • – Pellet stoves operate QUIETLY.

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