Why Jamestown?

Unlike many stoves found at the big box stores which are manufactured with price in mind instead of longevity Jamestown provides a high quality stove built to last and here are a few reasons why…

  • 1. First in Quality – First in Service.
  • 2. Jamestown has been in the market for more than 30 years.
  • 3. Jamestown is manufactured in the Unites States utilizing all North American suppliers ensuring the best quality materials available.
  • 4. Jamestown uses heavy 10 gauge steel in the fire box to ensure many years of service
  • 5. Jamestown is one of the most efficient pellet stoves on the market
  • 6. Jamestown Pellet Stoves are EPA approved at 2.0 for the J 1000 and 2.3 for the J 2000
  • 7. Jamestown uses a very heavy duty, steel fire pot and warranties it for 5 years.
  • 8. Jamestown uses a heavy cast iron door that not only looks great but holds and radiates heat to increase our stoves efficiency.
  • 9. Jamestown produces only auto light units making the stove very easy to use.
  • 10. All Jamestown Stoves are wired to accept a thermostat.
  • 11. Jamestown offers a digital control board with many easy to use options.
  • 12. Jamestown offers a simple to install hopper extension that fits on either model and holds an additional 56 pounds of pellets
  • 13. Jamestown has side doors that open easily on hinges providing plenty of easy access to all components for servicing.
  • 14. Jamestown contains four additional heat chambers in the sides to hold and radiate heat into the room increasing the stoves efficiencies.
  • 15. Jamestown manufactures two models which may be dressed to achieve 17 different looks keeping inventory low and selection high.
  • 16. Jamestown’s J 1000 is the smallest stove made with an output of 38,000 BTU’s.
  • 17. Jamestown J 1000 is completely convertible where it may be used as a free standing unit or a hearth mount/insert.
  • 18. Jamestown offers accessories in black, gold or nickel to suit any customers taste.
  • 19. Jamestown is proud of its customer service and strives to the very best it can be in satisfying all our customers.
  • 20. Jamestown has warehouses in the United States and Canada to ensure fast and affordable shipping.
  • 21. Jamestown offers an exclusive Pedestal and carpet protector system to help keep your customers cost down while making your profits higher.
  • 22. Jamestown offers superior technical support to dealers.
  • 23. Jamestown offers plenty of training and sales tools.
  • 24. Jamestown offers active dealers protected territories so you are not competing in your area with the same product.
  • 25. Jamestown offers a web site for you or your customers to refer to for further information
  • 26. Jamestown links your website to ours and ours to yours.

At Jamestown we consider our dealers as partners. As partners we establish a relationship which encourages both parties to work together to achieve success.

Comfort and satisfaction awaits your customers

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