Jamestown History

Jamestown Pellet Stoves was founded in the late 70’s. Originally occupying a modest shop in Salt Lake City, UT, the company quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of pellet stoves in the country. In 2000, a group of Canadian famers, contractors, and businesspeople purchased Jamestown and moved the company’s operations to a small town in Ontario. There, the group focused on improving the stoves’ efficiency, streamlining the manufacturing process, and introducing the stoves to the Canadian market.

In 2008, amid a fiercely competitive market where consumers were calling for more affordable heating alternatives, the company changed hands again. A set of partners led by Bill Boulton, a longtime businessman and respected member of the wood pellet industry, purchased Jamestown with the intention of reducing costs while maintaining the high quality the brand had become known for.

Boulton weighed many options in restructuring the company, including sending the manufacturing process overseas. Ultimately, he decided to remain true to the company’s roots and produce a North American product built by North American workers. A combination of innovative robotics and CNC equipment helps to reduce production costs without sacrificing quality or our commitment to our local workers.

Today, Jamestown has grown to support many employees in locations across North America, including a manufacturing plant in Albert Lea, MN; distribution points across the United States and Canada; the company headquarters in Thunder Bay, Ontario; and the new U.S. Division in Salem, NH.

Boulton continues to serve the company today as the CEO.

For four decades, Jamestown has built upon a tradition of quality, a commitment our employees represent in every step, from the manufacturing line to customer service calls. We are proud to produce one of the finest pellet stoves on the market, and we look forward to serving you.