What our customers are saying…

“I have owned a Jamestown Pellet Stove at my cabin in the Cascade Mountains for over 10 years. The stove has proven to be reliable, sturdy, easy to clean, and simple to operate. It has an attractive appearance and is a very economical source of heat. The engineering is well-designed, and we love to watch the fire in the evenings. . When I needed to replace the ‘fire pot’, the customer service was exemplary! I highly recommend the Jamestown stove, and the company behind it.”

-Laurie K.
Detroit, Oregon

“I had to write to you folks up at Jamestown Pellet Stoves to let you know that I believe in your stoves. They are superbly manufactured with durability and longevity in mind when produced. I ought to know as I purchased a Baby Bear (JB1000) approximately 14 years ago and it is still working perfectly with very little maintenance.

I clean it thoroughly every day before each use, as the winters still get a little cool in upstate New York , and do a complete maintenance on it during the summer months. I remove it from the house, vacuum and remove all ash, check and re-place gaskets if necessary, and have re-painted it some years. Other than that I needed to re-place a on/off switch as the only major component in the last 14 years! That is truly a testimony to the thoughtfulness that went into the manufacture of this stove.

In closing I would like to congratulate you on a well built stove in a time when most big ticket items won’t last past their warranty date. I believe in your product and know I will get several more years of usage from it.”

– Jim
Dolgeville, New York

“I knew nothing about pellet stoves. And I’ve bugged your company a lot since then, both in email and phone, with all sorts of questions, and I have never in my life had as good an experience with any company as I’ve had with yours. Especially when all they were (besides the current issue) were questions, and you had nothing monetarily to gain at the time. You’ve been pleasant, you’ve been helpful, can’t thank you enough. Some day when I can afford a brand new one, yours will be the first company I go to!”

– Neil
Oakville, Manitoba